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Welcome to Carolina Barns!


The Best Provider of Quality Storage and Workshop Sheds with Rent to Own Scheme in Salisbury, Mocksville and Winston Salem

Are you running out of storage space or just plainly looking for added storage space or make-shift structure for all the things you need or activities you do?

Through the years, we acquire and purchase a lot of things. Things that are significant to our needs and desires at the moment we purchased them. Little did we know all of these things are piling up in our attic; eating up space and picking up dust. When some of us easily throw away these excess things or sell them in a garage sale, most of us are still sentimental enough that we find it hard to part with the things that are dear to us. You don’t need to go through the dilemma of throwing them away or selling them, you can still keep them! You just need additional storage space for your treasure throve of memories! For additional storage space, sheds or even workshop space, there is one company who can provide the best quality there is and that is Carolina Barns!

Carolina Barns is Salisbury, Mocksville and Winston Salem’s best provider of quality storage sheds and workshops with a unique rent to own option that will truly make the service and product irresistible. We offer an array of barn designs and configurations that will perfectly suit your needs. We provide different styles of structure. From low-wall barns, cottages to high-wall barns, you name it, we got it! We take pride in being the provider of choice top quality storage sheds and workshops in the large areas of Salisbury, Mocksville and Winston Salem. With years of experience coupled with technical and professional expertise in the field, Carolina Barns assures you of only the best quality of product and service there is!

The company personally believes that quality need not be expensive. Everyone deserves the best products and services that they could have. They should get best value for their money. This philosophy is ingrained in the workings and processes of the company through and through. We provide quality without the skyrocketing price tag. One of the unique systems that the company employs is the Rent to Own scheme making the product much more affordable. If your budget is tight, this is the perfect program for you! Rent to Own allows you to rent the building of your choice on a month by month basis. After 3 years, we give it to you! It’s that easy and convenient without draining your savings!


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